What is Modern setup host & How to Solve it Quickly

modern setup host

The possible reason why your computer is slowing Maybe Modern Setup Host is causing high disk usage in your Windows 10. But do not worry. We’ve figured out a few ways to repair the matter. Keep reading to learn how.

Close research into Modern Setup Host SetupHost.exe-

Is Modern Setup Host a virus?

The SetupHost.exe is really a Microsoft Windows Process to set up Windows updates notably the most significant ones on Windows 10. This process will operate in the background until it locates, and the update does not matter if your computer is busy at the moment or not.Mostly people askĀ can i disable modern setup host the answer is yes you can fix it quickly but it will take some little bit time

So, When you’re doing work and Modern Setup Host is operating on your Windows desktop computer, it causes high CPU usage that may be as large as 100 percent. In precisely the exact same time it’s slowing down your computer, and you’re confronting the large disk usage problem.

Most Of those situations, the process is going to be gone after doing its own job. However, for important updates on your own computer, it might take 15-30 minutes to complete the setup process. Sometimes it will take about a few hours.

But it isn’t a virus. It’s Just a real Windows process created by Microsoft to set up the most important updates on your own computer. But any process maybe a virus. Malware can differentiate itself as a process. If you overlook it like a virus, please run a full scan with your antivirus program.

The best way to mend Modern Setup Host Disk Usage in Windows 10?

It’s an important process to set up Windows updates; it’s vital that you run it for a while. As I mentioned before, it might take up to hours based upon your system performance. The process shouldn’t frequently be working. It merely does when there’s a major update accessible. And that occurs every couple of months.

modern setup host

Grab the SetupHost.exe Process

You, Will, kill the process from Task Manager. Select Modern Setup Host and click End Task. This will block the process and will not restart until you flip it on.

How to Delete Modern Setup Host ?

But, You can’t delete the process since it’s among the most crucial Windows components to put in important Windows updates. But in the event that you somehow find a way to deleting it, then we’d urge not to do it since it could totally break the Windows update process.

Disable Windows Update

If you do not care about updates, then it’s possible to disable it. Just have a look at the process we’ve given in this part. But we would always not urge you to do so since it is possible to run from critical Windows 10 updates.

  1. Press The Windows key+R collectively
  2. Type services.msc from the box
  3. Click OK
  4. Now from the newly opened window, Start Looking to your Windows Update support
  5. Do a double click the Windows Update support
  6. Choose Disabled beneath the startup kind
  7. Restart your system.

Let us know If You’re Able to mend the high CPU usage problem by the Methods we’ve given here. In Case You Have any query, connect with us from the remark box below.